Education and school visits

Meet the Team!

Our new Educ­ation Team ready to showcase Darlington’s ­social and technologi­cal history. We are­ preparing to welcome­ primary schools as p­art of their science,­ technology, engineering and maths (STEM) ­curriculum, to take part in our practical ­and fun school visits, supported by Cummins , Northumbrian Water and River Tees Rediscovered. 

We are very happy to discuss your bespoke requirements and  offer a varied programme of introductory talks, guided tours, and hands-on experience.

School Visits

We can take you back to Victorian times, when in 1849, Tees Cottage Pumping Station began supplying water to Darlington.

We have two completely original pumping engines in full working order, which are displayed running on our open days.  The engines at Tees Cottage pumped water from the River Tees, which was then filtered and supplied to the water company’s customers.

Visits can be linked to science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), and to cross-curricular themes. The Pumping Station offers opportunities for learning outside the classroom and for the development of key skills. School visits can if desired, be arranged for almost any Wednesday when a full complement of volunteers will be available to deliver demonstrations and lead guided tours.

Our volunteers are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, competent and friendly. We offer suggested session plans linked to key stages 1 and 2 of the National Curriculum and are especially happy to tailor visits to suit your requirements.

Risk assessment example for schools

We are starting to design some session plans for school visits have a look at some examples here:

TCPS animals and plants of the river

TCPS Plan of activities filtration activity

TCPS changes through history

TCPS materials activity

Our first school visit!

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