Easter Open Weekend: 31st March & 1st April

Mar 19 2024

The first Open Weekend of 2024 is just about upon us and we are looking forward to welcoming both new and old friends to see our wonderful site in operation.

As usual, we have been busy during the winter break with much work being completed across the site. The most intensive tasks have been on the Boiler, where significant emphasis has been placed on the repair of surface corrosion of the internals, much to the satisfaction of our external Boiler Inspector.

Significant work has also been performed on the Beam Engine, in particular around the Condenser Tank and on a number of non-return valves. The Gas Engine pump seals have been overhauled, for the first time in a number of years, and we are looking forward to seeing how the pumps perform in anger.

Of course, it is not only the engines which have received attention and, thanks to Northumbrian Water, significant improvements have been made to the roofs and structures of the Smithy and the Gas Engine, Beam Engine, and the Electric Pump House buildings.

We are hoping for some warm and dry weather, both before and during the Easter Weekend, such that our visitors can enjoy the pleasant surroundings of Tees Cottage Pumping Station, see our engines in operation, take a ride on the model railway, witness our Blacksmiths at work, and enjoy the refreshments provided in our Cottage Tea Room.

Once again, we will have an Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday. This is targeted at our younger visitors who will be asked to find a number of animal pictures, hidden around the site, and will receive a chocolate egg as a reward.