The Beam House Workshop

Located next to our Beam Engine (in the original 1849 engine house) is our Beam House Workshop powered by a Line Shaft. This would have been used alongside the Blacksmith Shop to make parts to maintain the buildings and pumps. This second-hand line shaft workshop was installed after 1907 when the original 1849 Beam Engine (which was in that room) was sold for scrap. Unfortunately, we are not sure who owned the workshop previously. The line-shaft has a large lathe with a grinder attached in addition to a pillar drill and a shaper. On open days you can often see the workshop in operation but we don’t make parts on it anymore. Its called a line-shaft because the power is transferred to the tools from the motor by a large line shaft fitted with pullies and belts. This is now powered by a motor in the floor above but from 1907 – 1926 it was powered by the Fielding Gas Engine which used to be next door in the room which is now the Electric Pump House. This is one of the true hidden gems of Tees Cottage Pumping Station.