Tees Cottage Pumping Station is a Victorian waterworks in Darlington in the North East of England which began supplying water to Darlington in 1849.

It is a Scheduled Ancient Monument with two completely original pumping engines in full working order. These are displayed running under their pumping load five weekends each year. One engine is a two-cylinder compound steam Beam Engine, still supplied from its original Lancashire boilers and driving its original pumps. The other engine is a two-cylinder Gas Engine, the largest preserved example in Europe, also driving its original pumps.

The site also retains the Electric Pumps, initially installed in 1926 although no longer working. 

Therefore we exhibit the three generations of pumping technology, steam powered Beam Engine, gas powered Gas Engine and the Electric pumps.

The engines are housed in their own purpose built buildings, dating from 1847 to 1901, in themselves superb examples of Victorian architecture. The engines and buildings are carefully maintained, preserved and run by volunteers, supported by the site owner, Northumbrian Water.

Also at Tees Cottage we have a Blacksmith’s Shop and Cleveland Association of Model Engineers run model train rides for a small additional charge.

We have had a history of the site written, thanks to Archaeo-Environment Ltd.. This document is a comprehensive, 178 page, record of the history and development of the site and contains many photographs and drawings.

Copies, priced at £5.00 plus postage and packing, are available on CD (pdf format) by contacting us at: chairman@teescottage.co.uk